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SuperVPN, total free VPN Service without any limitation.
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May 2, 2023
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Super VPN MOD Apk is a well-known VPN service that is operated across the world. This VPN allows you to access all the internet websites and apps without difficulty. With this, you would be able to see all the geo-blocked and hidden content on the internet freely. It is the latest 2023 pro version of Super VPN and is developed by Super Soft Tech.

The best part about this VPN is that it cares about your privacy. It makes your internet browsing untraceable and un-recordable. It allows you to operate anonymously. Therefore, it protects you from the attacks of hackers.

How to use Super VPN MOD Apk?

Super VPN MOD Apk is very easy to use. First, you need to download it on any Android and iOS-based device. Then install it on your device. After that, open the application. You do not need to register. You can directly access all the features. Moreover, you also do not need to configure it. You simply need to click on the connect option while using the internet. It will give you access to all the hidden apps and websites. Moreover, it will also not ask for permission and you can directly connect to it.

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What is unique about Super VPN MOD Apk?

Premium Features Unlocked:

VPN is a paid app. You can take 60-time free trial but after that, you need to pay for using it. The problem is that a good VPN is everybody’s need nowadays but it is hard to spend money on these services. Therefore, this modded version has unlocked all the features for you. The most prominent features include multiple security options and internet browsing options.

Unlimited Proxy:

This modded version of the VPN offers unlimited proxies. With this, you can retrieve data from all the internet websites, apps, and webpages. Now you can access as much data from the internet as you like with a safe and secure internet connection. The best part is that you can get access to all these things for free. Also checkout our latest My Boy APK

All Countries Enabled:

Most of the VPN services available nowadays are for specific countries. You cannot access them in other countries. Therefore, many people do not have the access to a good VPN service. This modded version is available for all countries. No matter if you are sitting in America or Japan, Hong Kong or New Zealand, you can use it.

Safe and Secure:

This modded version pays great attention to your security. With this, you can hide your IP address. It will help you to operate as an anonymous on the internet. It makes your activities untraceable. Moreover, due to its high security, you are protected from hackers as well.

Good internet speed:

Nowadays, the VPNs that are available slow down the speed of the internet. This modded version of the VPN offers fast-speed internet. The websites or any content that you are using do not take time to load. Therefore, it will not waste your precious time.

No Ads:

The original VPN services available nowadays show ads. They interrupt the smooth internet using experience. Therefore, this modded version blocks all third-party ads for you. Now you can enjoy access to all hidden content smoothly.

No Root Needed:

If you are using this modded version of the VPN, you do not need to root your device. It activates automatically and does not ask for access permission. Moreover, you are also not supposed to configure it to access websites not present in your area. It has unlocked the full internet for you and you can access all sites even if they are geographically restricted.

Multiple Server Connection Available:

This VPN service allows you to connect to the various servers present across the world. The main servers include the servers of America, Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada, and many more. You can use all the websites and apps of these countries with this.

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Easy-to-use Interface:

This app has an easy-to-use interface. You do not find it difficult to use. It has a simple design. Here all the options are available on the interface. There are no hidden options for which you need to put a lot of effort to use.


1.    How safe is Super VPN MOD Apk?

Yes, it is safe to download Super VPN MOD Apk. It has been tested by anti-malware and anti-virus software. If you download this file, it will not harm your device. Therefore, you can use it without any worries about your safety and security.

2.    How does Super VPN work?

Super VPN works easily. When you first download the file, you need to register. After that, it will offer a 60-time free trial. All the features will be unlocked into it. If you like this app, you can buy a subscription to have a safe and secure internet connection.

3.    In which country can we access Super VPN MOD Apk?

This modded version does not put restrictions on any country for its operation. It has all countries unlocked. You can access it at any location you are in.

4.    What is the total size of the Super VPN MOD Apk?

The total size of this app is 14 MB. Therefore you can use it even if your device has less space.

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Super VPN MOD Apk is a competent VPN service available nowadays. It provides a safe and secure internet connection to all restricted websites. It offers a lot of features that the clients simply love. The best part is that this VPN works all over the world. If you are looking for a good VPN service, you should download the latest and updated 2023 version of this VPN!!!

What's new

Fix crashing on some devices
Fix connection issue
Please disable battery optimization for SuperVPN to use it properly, check left menu from app for details